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Sandra Lather-Benson, MFA, CWS, A+ Computer Certified

Authentic_MAPP (Motivational Appraisal & Personal Potential):

Artist Statement: I find it extremely difficult to summarize my work, but one of the best statements, that I have heard, besides the above statement written specifically about my work, comes from Max Gail, the actor, poet and artist, who brilliantly played the dull-witted, Wojciehowicz in the Barney Miller television show. Max, whom I count as a considerate new friend says, "Your works comes from and connects with inner and outer, individual and collective realms at levels beyond words..."

This statement fully summarizes my intent for my work. I use no models in my work and I am interested in reflecting only what comes to my conscious mind from my imagination. This is "keeping it real" for me. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to study classic forms of Fine Arts in my Bachelors Degree for Xavier University, as well as Computer Arts in my Masters studies at The Academy of Art University. This has permitted me the confidence of relying on my spirit in completing many of my paintings in oil as well as on the computer. The power of translating images from ones mind to share with the audience fascinates me. I strive to connect with the audience at a deeper, spiritual level. Experiences, while unique, are universal to the human family.

I was searching for a unique and personalized way of painting. My style or subject matter may be copied or duplicated but no one can own the creations of my imagination. Through my imagination, are reflected my life experiences. Many people can also relate to my experiences but they cannot create them. So for the past 15 years, I've painted only what appears first as a completed picture in my mind to paint. Then if I have to occasionally use a reference point it is only to support what I am inspired to create.

Phone: 609.332.9864 • e-mail: : sandra_benson15@Hotmail.com

WORK TRAITS TEMPERMENT APTITUDE FOR THE JOB PEOPLE (How you relate to people, in priority order) THINGS (How you relate to things, in priority order) DATA (How you relate to data, in priority order) REASONING (How do you relate to reasoning in priority order)

Scroll through the BEST REASONS below for CHOOSING SANDRA below then click on the above TRAITS for more detailed info::













Preferences for Sandra fully support being perceptually, subconsciously, and consciously aware of fantasy, symbols, symbolic relationships, abstract ideas, options, and choice of options as they relate to creative or innovative activities. Perception triggers ideas in Sandra's mind, a process that just happens - a process often called intuition. It is not a conscious effort to logically "come up with" creative ideas; instead, the process is best identified with the statement that "a thought struck me." A quote by Carl Jung probably makes complete sense to Sandra: "Art is innate in the artist, like an instinct that seizes and makes a tool out of the human being. The thing in the final analysis that wills something in him is not he, the personal man, but the aim of the art."



Sandra prefers and needs change and variety. Change is motivating, stimulating, and energizing. This does not mean that she needs to change jobs to get the variety required, but she will be at her best handling concurrent multiple tasks/projects within one job.




Sandra's preferences, more often than not, are motivated by such things as sensing and seeing aesthetics, essence, philosophical and psychological meaning, and effect of color. Sandra probably doesn't consider the saying, "Beauty is more than skin deep" as a cliché. Further, Sandra considers pattern, texture, and spatial measure: size, shape, distance, dimension, perspective, relationship, etc. with the same regard. This includes abstract dimensions and patterns, graphics, layouts, etc. (NOTE: That higher artistic sense is the source of abstract art, animated films, computer graphics, fractal geometry, new clothing designs and styles, modern architecture, etc.) Sandra would probably make a permanent mental note of the quote from Carl Jung, "The artist is essentially the instrument, and he stands below his work, for which reason we should never expect from him an interpretation of his own work. He achieved his highest with his composition."





"Mentor: a trusted counselor or guide." Sandra is interested in and consciously prefers to consider the existence, meaning, purpose, potential, and destiny of mankind, people, persons, and self; with self-felt, self-accepted responsibility to influence and/or cause good, growth, and gain in the lives of all concerned. Sandra has intuition and philosophical curiosity that causes an awareness of personality, intentions, emotions, ethics, values, and moods of other persons, and of self. By itself, this is not benevolence. If Sandra is highly motivated for benevolent activities, this trait is compulsively central to personal and vocational activities. If there is a lack of personal motivation, then the preference for consideration tends to be more philosophical or academic in nature, but still service oriented



Working with things, manipulation of materials and processes, and cognizance of operational and mechanical forces or objects, highlights this Worker Trait Code section. None of the factors in this section are directly related to people nor call for exclusive talents whether or not they exist within the individual. However, these factors do call for the interaction and interplay between mental, sensory, physical, and mechanical skills and/or abilities as possessed by the individual. If the individual has a natural mechanical savvy, and likes to work with his/her hands, this becomes a highly important and relevant Worker Trait Code section. Manipulating is a special trait that can have a variety of important meanings depending on its interaction with many different traits. In the "things" context of this section, it means the ability with a high motivational level to manage/ handle material processing that may or may not involve machines. Basically, it is combined mental, sensory, and physical functions tied to scheduling and processing of that which is at hand. Sandra has the high motivational level and perhaps even that ability (or at least the motivational level that supports training). (Note: There can be other meanings to this trait. For instance, if all other mechanical or operator factors have low motivational levels or preferences, but management of people has high levels, this factor then shows that the person is motivated to manage people, as part of the process, to achieve management objectives.)



(How you relate to data, in priority order)

The data section identifies preferences, motivations and priorities for certain kinds of mental activities. If interests and preferences are primarily intellectual, academic, scholarly, scientific, mathematical, or professional, this may be the most important section of the Worker Trait Code System for the person appraised. If his/her preferences are not primarily mental, this section may have little value. If these factors are important for this profile, then factors in the reasoning, math, and language sections will also be both relevant and important. "Synthesize: putting two or more things together to form a whole; the combination of separate elements of thought into a whole; the operation by which divided parts are united" (Webster). Sandra is motivated by seeing the big picture so much so that she, attempts to see all parts of the picture in that larger context, then sees all parts relative to each other, but still within that larger context. Perception and thinking are therefore holistic and conceptual. Philosophical and intuitive processes are involved. Scientific, managerial, and/or literary preferences may also be involved. Other mental factors in this section are subordinate, secondary, or complementary to this primary motivational attribute. This is an overview and scanning activity that includes ideas, concepts, theory, fiction, hypothesis and assessment.



(How you relate to reasoning, in priority order)

This Reasoning section is closely linked with the Data section. The Data section identifies an individual's priorities or preferences (high and low) for ways of thinking, while the Reasoning section focuses on where, why, and how this thinking will most likely be applied. Just like the linkage between the Interest and Temperament sections, Data and Reasoning are coupled very tightly as well. Sandra is strongly motivated to apply thinking to the big picture through holistic ideas, concepts, options, and strategies. This does not mean, suggest, or imply that thinking is kept only in a holistic context but it does mean that the first and constant priority or preference for consideration and focus are on the big picture. (Example: Sandra more likely prefers to be an executive rather than a manager, and more inclined to be a manager rather than a supervisor.) Considering how pieces of the picture are brought in to the big picture stimulates motivation for the activity.